{Wednesday} February 22, 2017

Day 17 – Psalm 119:129-136 – Pe (Click here)

Modern day marketing loves to tell us that the ‘key’ to unlock all the good things this life has to offer is found in a product; the key to unlock status is found in the right luxury or sports car; the key to unlock comfort is found in the right house; the key to unlock a healthy life is found in the right diet or exercise routine; or the key to unlock the hidden potential deep within ourselves is found in the right self-help book.  Modern day church can often fall into the same marketing pattern; the key to ‘unlocking’ a Godward life is found in a brilliant flash of adhering to the right doctrine, applying the right Christian practice, or having the right spiritual experience.  The Psalmist in these verse casts a different, and more accurate, mold for ‘unlocking’ truth that leads us to a greater life-experience with God in vs. 130: The unfolding of your words…  It is far more common that God’s Word ‘unfolds’.  It is rare that God’s word is suddenly ‘unlocked’.  Spend 10 minutes with this passage today.  Pick another passage 1 month from today and spend 20 minutes with it.  Don’t expect a great truth to burst off the page, but let it unfold and bring light to your understanding the way a sunrise brings light to a landscape.

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