{Thursday} February 23, 2017

Day 18 – Psalm 119:137-144 – Tsadhe (Click here)

Have you ever felt you lost to someone else because they cheated when you were honest?  Have you been excluded because you were too young? Too old? Or because you’re not important or in the ‘in-crowd’? How about the experiences in your life when things just don’t go your way?  Every way you turn results in more trouble for you and those you love?  If you give a yes to any of the above, then you’ve been in the same shoes as the author of Psalm 119. The encouragement of the Psalmist is to not get trapped by life situations that suck.  Instead turn to God’s Word.  Find the deep part of you that loves Him and be encouraged by the truth that God says what is right and He does what is right.

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