{Saturday} February 25, 2017

Day 20 – Psalm 119:153-160 – Resh (Click here)

The focus of these verses doesn’t turn away from the majestic Words of God.  But more focus is turned to us humans, men & women, that’s all of us.  We have a responsibility to overcome the sin in our hearts that works to keep us from trusting in God’s words, decrees, & statutes.  We are each accountable to raise God’s words and laws to their appropriate place in our minds and hearts.  They are perfect, trustworthy, redeeming, & eternal.  If we can do that, and it is no small challenge to do it, then God’s Word promises to preserve our lives. Can you confess in your heart that God’s words are all you need in your life?  Are they perfect and can you trust them as such?  Ask Him to help strengthen your will and your mind to see that clearly, because it is true.  Work to unfold that truth in your own heart and mind. That is the encouragement and challenge in these verses.

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