{Monday} February 6, 2017

Day 1 – Psalm 119:1-8 – Aleph (Click here) 

There is a something in all of us that longs to live a purposeful, joyful, and meaningful life.  But often times we want to do it our own way and be our own boss and are tempted to pull away or even rebel instead of submitting ourselves to God’s authority in our lives.  Psalm 119 begins by giving us a picture of how living God’s way, and learning to love His word, provides the most meaningful and joyful life possible.

In these first two verses, the author writes that those who walk in the law of the Lord and observe His testimonies are blessed or joyful.  Over the next 6 verses we are admonished to seek God, to do what is right, to keep his precepts, and to give thanks.   As our Creator and loving Father, God knows what is best for us and He has revealed Himself and His ways to us through his Word.

The word of God is able to transform us, direct us, convict us, encourage us, and change us.  A purposeful and meaningful life is born out of a humble heart that is committed to knowing and obeying the word of God.  We need to begin by choosing to allow God’s Word to be the standard that shapes all of our thoughts, words, actions, and decisions.  This will provide a greater freedom than we could ever find on our own.

So how does your life line up?  Think about each area of your life: your marriage, family and other key relationships, your time and your finances, your work and your hobbies. Lay each of these areas of life before God and allow His Word to show where you may need to make some changes.  Allow God’s word and God’s principles to make course corrections that will direct you toward the joy and blessing that comes from obeying Him.  The more in line our lives are with God’s purposes and principles, the greater level of joy and freedom we experience.

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