{Monday} February 27, 2017

Day 22 – Psalm 119:169-176 – Taw (Click here)

Congratulations!  You have worked through the longest chapter in the Bible.  Appropriately the Psalmist ends this trek with some celebration and encouragement.  Prayer, praise, singing, help, and salvation; woohoo!  Let’s end this devotional with the capstone that ends this Psalm in verse 176.  We must get familiar, learn from, live by, and absolutely trust in God’s words, laws, precepts, & decrees.  But when we stray like a lost sheep, God will seek after us.  When he seeks after us, we will know His voice.  We will know his voice because His words are in our hearts.  His words are in our hearts because Jesus Christ (the Word made flesh) has written those words, laws, precepts, & decrees on our hearts. He accomplished that through His great love for us seen most clearly in giving his life on the Cross.  Continue to become familiar with God’s written words and you will continue to know more and more our wonderful Savior and powerful Lord, Jesus Christ.

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