{Monday} February 13, 2017

Day 8 – Psalm 119:57-64 – Heth (Click here)

In each stanza of Psalm 119 a theme emerges from the 8 verses.  In this stanza the theme of obedience ties these verses together.  As a parent, it fills my heart with joy when my children obey me.  It is not their obedience that earns my love, nor does their disobedience cause me to stop loving them.  But when they obey me because they love me and because they trust that the boundaries I set are for their good, my heart is filled with joy.  In the same way, in John 14:15 Jesus says “If you love me, obey my commands.” The psalmist begins this stanza by declaring that because the Lord is his portion, he will obey His words.  Obedience doesn’t lead to salvation, but it flows from it.

Verse 59 says “I have considered my ways and I have turned my steps to your statutes.”  Do you allow the Word of God to dictate your actions?  James says that to read the Word but not do what it says is like looking into a mirror and then forgetting what you look like as soon as you step away (James 1:22-24).  It is not enough for us to read the Bible or memorize scripture.  We must actively “consider our ways” and be doers of the word.  James goes on to say that when we continue in the Word and do what it says, we will be blessed in what we do (James 1:25).

Take a few moments today to consider your ways.  Closely examine your finances, your schedule, your friendships, your marriage, your business decisions, your spiritual discipline, your habits and your hobbies.  Are you being obedient to God in each of these areas?  Is there something that God is asking you to do or to stop doing that you need to “hasten and not delay in obeying Him” (v 60.)?  Choose today to obey God out of your love for Him and your trust in Him and allow every aspect of your life to be conformed to Him and His ways.

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