{Friday} February 10, 2017

Day 5 – Psalm 119:33-40 – He (Click here)

There is something very telling in what we seek out and what we turn away from.  For the Christ follower, there is always a tension in the seeking and the turning away.  We long to seek after the things of God and to live our lives for His glory, which is ultimately our highest pleasure.  But often times we are tempted to chase after worldly things: money, status, and fleeting comfort or pleasure.  We find ourselves being torn between these two desires.  The 5th stanza of Psalm 119 beautifully captures this seeking and turning away.

In order to live the full and abundant life that Jesus promises us, we must ask God to help us desire Him above all us.  We need the Spirit of God to awaken our hearts and our appetites for His word and His ways.  In verse 35 the psalmist asks God to direct him in the paths of His commands, because that is where he delights, or where his happiness is found.  Our greatest pleasure and joy is found in knowing God and making Him known.  However, each of our hearts is bent toward sin and “selfish gain” (v 36) and we need to practice seeking out and desiring the things of God and turning away from the worthless things of this world that can steal our attention and our hearts.

Take a moment to take stock of your own seeking and turning away.  What worldly things are you tempted to chase after?  What modern day idols are you tempted to worship? How can you begin turning away from these things and instead seeking out the things of God?  Confess those things to God and then pray this section of the Psalm over yourself and trust that God is faithful to finish the good work that he began in you.  He will enable you to desire Him, to seek Him, and to obey him.

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