A Diary of Private Prayer: Friday Evening

This week’s content comes from The Diary of Private Prayer By John Baillie
Each day you will receive a morning and an evening prayer. Join the the rest of the church as we pray the same prayer at the same time (if you can) at 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM each day.

Friday 8:00 PM Prayer

Lord, you are the Lord of the night as you are the Lord of the day and all the stars are obedient to your will. In this hour of darkness, I too submit my will to yours.  Father God, set me free; from the stirrings of self will within my heart; from cowardly avoidance of the things I need to do; from rebellious reluctance to face necessary suffering; from discontentment with my place in life; from jealousy of those whose place in life is easier; from being dissatisfied with my talents yet hungry for more; from the pride that sets human knowledge above your wisdom; from undisciplined thought; from being unwilling to learn and reluctant to serve.  God my Father, you are often closest to me when I am farthest from you, and you are near at hand even when I feel that you have abandoned me; mercifully grant that the defeat of my self-centeredness may be the triumph in me of your eternal purpose.  May I grow more sure of your reality and power; may I reach a clearer picture of the meaning of my life on Earth; may I strengthen my hold on eternal life; may I look increasingly to what lies beyond my vision; may my desires become less unruly and my thoughts more pure; may my love for other people grow deeper and more tender; and may I be more willing to take others’ burdens upon myself.  To your care, Father God, I commend my soul and the souls of all whom I love and who love me; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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